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GhostOfWar Männlich


Themenstarter Themenstarter


Mittwoch, 8. August 2012, 18:06

G39 Boltrelease ---> Boltcatch Mod.

Aus diesem Thread übernommen, damit man das HowTo schneller findet:
Schlittenfang umbau (G39 bolt release -> Bolt catch)


a lot of people should know that the pieces after the G36 button is only used to set the fixed bolt,
The release is manually released until later with the KV XM8 bolt release version only features the double bond

The G39, when newly hatched, some people said that this problem is to approach this WE Zheke key multi-function includes the release bolt,
Not simulation, but also with one hand to press the button sinking, much effort has

Looked after the scheduled construction projections that look, in fact, in turn, as long as the slope on the line: lol
However, less than a brother to re-skill to do a part like this out

So today the company made a silly little things to solve this problem: lol
Gasket material is usually iron (commonly known as tin Aberdeen), would like to first try to do something to reckon a good company after the re-use of steel sections

Of course, this slope is the original organization was to be cut off

L-iron and then put something from the front

Because it is easy to modify the sheet only, so in effect when the slide out from the side,
Posted a piece on the way in case he stopped at the side of the slide out, but also to prevent deformation.

This is the role of the case, press the button after the set, L-type iron will be set up after the top ~ promoting the organization.

Do is a little rough, but hit it more than 10 magazine but he did not deform or fall: lol
Tomorrow will be thickened with modified steel

Took a little under the video, the actual fixed bolt is like that of the full hand is oil, the point gesture may also like him to forgive me BG

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